26 October 2015

Linux on IBM Power Systems

IBM Power Systems

Welcome to the waitless world

Imagine if we were living in a world without wait. That’s the waitless world. The world ushered in by IBM Power Systems™. Where terabytes of data can be handled in milliseconds—5 to 10 times faster than today’s supercomputers. It’s a world where everything is open. And cloud economics makes it all affordable.

What's New with POWER8  

April 23, 2014—more than a year ago—was a seismic day for IBM Power Systems*. That’s when IBM debuted new POWER* servers built from the ground up to harness big data with the new IBM POWER8* processor. And it was when the OpenPOWER Foundation—then composed of about 25 member companies (and now with more than 130 in 22 countries)—unveiled the first innovations from the initiative to make POWER hardware and software available for open development.

IBM Power8 announce HighLights

Fast forward to today and the muscle just keeps growing behind the effort to provide higher-value, open technologies to manage today’s unprecedented data demands with the speed and agility that proprietary business models can’t.

IBM recently made announcements that showcase POWER technology’s capability to deliver waitless computing. At the core of POWER is an open server ecosystem that’s providing a superior alternative to x86 for big data workloads.

Power Systems With Power8 Enterprise

First, IBM unveiled the Power Systems E850. The Power E850 represents a leap forward in four-socket servers for big data insights and superior cloud economics. The Power E850 is the industry’s only four-socket system that offers flexible capacity, guaranteed utilization and superior scale.

Second, IBM doubled the top-end capacity of our largest server. The E880 now features up to 16 TB of memory, up to 192 cores and delivers ideal linear scaling as demonstrated with IBM’s DB2* with BLU Acceleration—big muscle that improves clients’ capabilities to respond to the peaks and valleys of workload demand and creates a more efficient and cost-effective path to business insights.

With IBM POWER8 and DB2 technologies together, clients gain a rich set of Power Systems technology-based analytics solutions with the IBM DB2 Solution for BLU Acceleration–Power Systems Edition, IBM’s next- generation in-memory computing platform for speeding analytics.

Third, IBM and SAP teamed to help organizations win the data challenge. IBM announced Power Systems Solution Editions for SAP HANA— integrated solutions that combine the latest-generation POWER8 systems with SAP HANA software. The new collaboration accompanied SAP’s announcement of full support of the SAP HANA Business Warehouse in-memory database management system on Power Systems as well as plans to bring SAP HANA Business Suite applications to the Power Systems portfolio by the end of 2015.

With this partnership, IBM and SAP are expanding the enterprise-class capabilities available to mutual clients for quickly extracting business insights from data. POWER8 enables SAP HANA to run more queries in parallel faster, across multiple cores with more threads per core than possible on commodity-based servers. Clients now have more choice in leveraging the POWER8 processor—built specifically to manage and gain rapid insights from data.

With these Power Systems announcements, businesses are afforded greater performance based on new, differentiated and open innovations, and a waitless experience in gaining insights from data.

Linux on Power for AIX/IBM i guys - Doing it the Easy Way

Why open innovation is the future of business

Information is more widely available than ever. Collaboration, co-creation, and knowledge sharing are quickening the pace of invention. Linux on IBM Power Systems offers competitive advantage and unique benefits to organizations - open technology, performance, portability and scalability.

Power Systems: Open Innovation to Put Data to Work

Leverage open technology

Benefit from Power Systems open technology and an open ecosystem delivering community created innovation.

Learn more about OpenPOWER  http://www.open-power.org/

Redefine Linux performance

Power Systems run industry-standard Linux from Red Hat, SUSE or Canonical. Linux exploits the advanced hardware and software capabilities of POWER8 technology, which provides economic advantages that scale as your business grows.

Linux on Power Best Practices

Port applications with ease

Clients can confidently run highly scalable, highly reliable, and highly flexible Linux environments on POWER processor-based servers. The benefits of Power Systems are realized whether a client is deploying new applications or wants to improve the performance of existing applications. With POWER8, moving Linux applications to Power has never been easier.

Optimize emerging workloads

Watson was built on Linux on Power Systems for the big data and analytics advantages POWER provides. IBM is investing heavily in building solution catalogs for emerging areas where POWER offers unique advantages to clients.

Workloads on Linux

More benefits of Linux on IBM Power

Power up your Linux  

Consolidate to rein in sprawling x86 server farms

Linux-only Power Systems combined with PowerKVM or PowerVM offerings help you to consolidate workloads from hundreds of servers to a few servers.

Run Linux with Java™, IBM middleware and open source components

Power Systems offer double the performance of competitive platforms for Java-based solutions.

The Power to choose

1U, single-core to 256-core servers, Power Systems offering choice and are ready for your business-critical Linux applications.

Industry proven and acclaimed

Supporting embedded systems to large supercomputers, POWER technology is pervasive today with a strong roadmap for the future.

RAS that grows with you

Gain reliability, availability and serviceability uncommon in severs running Linux OS. Toolkits and extensions are available to enhance your choice of Linux operating systems to support the RAS characteristics of POWER processor-based servers at a higher level.

A range of computational power on which to standardize

Supports processing loads from deep computing to high transaction oriented commercial systems. By offering multiple processors rates and SMP systems up to 256 cores and memory up to 2 terabytes, Power provides the architecture you need.

End to end support

IBM offers extensive assistance in the form of education, migration tools, services, and support to enable a low risk implementation or migration to Linux solutions.

Features and benefits:

Rapid Deployment
  • Complete, pre-assembled & tested infrastructure with big data and analytics software preloaded
  • On-site services for fast configuration & data center integration
  • Intelligent cluster management & automation for effective deployment
  • Easily set-up & manage workloads for multiple tenants
  • Adjustable resource allocation to meet diverse line of business demands
  • Scalable & extendable as needs change and as the enterprise grows
  • Reliability without data duplication
  • Tailored big data and analytics optimizations
  • Lays the foundation for consolidating traditional data analytics with new workloads such as Hadoop and Spark

Overview - IBM Big Data Platform

Analytics solutions

Unlock the value of data with an IT infrastructure that provides speed and availability to deliver accelerated insights to the people and processes that need them.

IBM Data Engine for Analytics - Power Systems Edition

A customized infrastructure solution with integrated software optimized for both big data and analytics workloads.

IBM Data Engine for NoSQL – Power Systems Edition

Unique technology from IBM delivers dramatic reductions in the cost of large NoSQL databases.

Big Data in Real World by Chandra Kallur, IBM

SAP HANA benefits from the enterprise capabilities of Power Systems

SAP HANA runs on all POWER8 servers. Power Systems Solution Editions for SAP HANA BW are easy to order and tailored for quick deployment and rapid-time-to value, while offering flexibility to meet individual client demands.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems

Enable faster insights using analytics queries and reports from data stored in any data warehouse, with a dynamic in-memory columnar solution.

Big Data: SQL on Hadoop from IBM

IBM Solution for Analytics – Power Systems Edition

This flexible integrated solution for faster insights includes options for business intelligence and predictive analytics with in-memory data warehouse acceleration.

IBM Solution for Hadoop – Power Systems Edition

An integrated Hadoop platform optimized to simplify and accelerate unstructured big data analytics.

IBM Big Data - IBM Marriage of Hadoop and Data Warehousing

IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics

Easily deploy, optimize and manage data intensive workloads for operational analytics with an expert integrated system.

Big Data Solution with InfoSphere BigInsights and Streams

Analyze data at scale with Apache Hadoop, InfoSphere BigInsights and InfoSphere Streams on Power Systems.

Big Data & Analytics Architecture

IBM i for Business Intelligence

Increase time to value with easy to implement packaged solution to turn information into actionable insights.

IBM DB2 Web Query for i

Help ensure every decision maker across the organization can easily find, analyze and share the information needed to make better, faster decisions.

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