23 February 2014

DB2 11 Technical Overview (Part 1 and 2)

DB2 11 Technical Overview Part 1 and 2

DB211 is here with More Cost savings and Critical Business Analytics

DB2 11: The Database for Critical Transactions & Analytics

Speed, Simplicity, Savings

DB2 11 for z/OS delivers new innovations: Save money, save time, reduce cost Enhanced continuous availability, scalability, and security for business-critical information Sophisticated Critical business analytics Simpler, faster migration for faster ROI Deep integration between DB2 and System z

DB2 11 Major Themes

Out-of-the-box CPU Savings*
• Improving efficiency, reducing costs, no application changes
• Up to 10% for complex OLTP
• Up to 10% for update intensive batch
• Up to 40% for queries
• Additional performance improvements through use of new DB2 11 features
Enhanced Resiliency and Continuous Availability
• Improved autonomics which reduces costs and improves availability
• Making more online changes without affecting applications
• Online REORG improvements, less disruption
• DROP COLUMN, online change of partition limit keys
• Extended log record addressing capacity (1 yottabyte)
• BIND/REBIND, DDL break into persistent threads
Enhanced business analytics
• Expanded SQL, XML, and analytics capabilities
• Temporal and SQLPL enhancements
• Transparent archiving
Simpler, faster DB2 version upgrades
• No application changes required for DB2 upgrade
• Access path stability improvements
• Product quality/stability: support pre GA customer production

Watch this presentation for more information on DB2 11 Technical Overview and Performance improvements:

Performance “Sweet Spots”

Write-Intensive Batch Queries:
- With compressed tables
- With access path improvement
- With sort-intensive workload Accessing multiple DPSI partitions IDAA
- With large result sets Online transactions

Write-intensive transactions: 
- With large number of partitions (>200 partitions )
- With large buffer pools
- With queries returning a large number of columns

-  “Chatty” DDF applications with z/OS Communications Server PM80004 / UK92097
-  Cost saving from zIIP-eligible address space SRB time
-  DBM1 address space in data sharing
-  MSTR address space for update intensive workloads 7

DB2 11 Technical Overview Part 1 

DB2 11 Technical Overview Part 2

Why IBM i? DB2 for i

Mark Anderson, distinguished engineer and chief architect of DB2 for i talk about why IBM i for DB2. More about IBM i @ Why IBM i? DB2 for IBM i

If you are a midsize business take a look at this ITG report on IBM i for midsized business. Offer registration is required. Download the report @ http://bit.ly/IBMiformidsize1

DB2 for z/OS Best Practice: Health Check Operations

This presentation is from a set of recommendations developed by reviewing multiple DB2 customers environments. Many customer environments can benefit from these lessons learned. This specific presentation deals with operating your DB2 environment. Topics include: preventative software maintenance, using virtual and real storage, and performance and exception-based monitoring.

IBM DB2 for i SQL Performance Workshop - IBM Training

This short video describes the IBM DB2 for i SQL Performance Workshop which covers the best practices for monitoring, tuning, and developing SQL applications on IBM i. Students who attend the course will learn how the SQL query optimizer works, how to use indexes and statistics to improve query performance, how to implement efficient SQL applications, and how to use the SQL performance analysis tools.

Brought to you by IBM Training: http://www.ibm.com/training

DB2 for z/OS RUNSTATS Profiles Skill Builder

This video introduces RUNSTATS Profiles, and demonstrates how to set, use, update, and delete.

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