21 August 2013

Put big data to work for you!

Put big data to work for you – with SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform, analytics edition

Quickly and easily deploy high-performance analytics – bypassing system integration challenges – with SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform, analytics edition. This offering is a complete analytics platform that combines market-leading data integration, data management, and business intelligence (BI) products, pre-certified to run together – for a more effective way to harness big data.

  • Analyze massive volumes of data with superior performance and unprecedented scalability
  • Detect trends and outliers across structured business data and unstructured social data
  • Leverage impactful analytics tailored to your industry and/or line of business needs
  • Act on relevant information from your desk or on the road, and react to market changes – faster
  • Proactively seize new business opportunities and respond to potential threats
  • Reduce the complexity of your IT landscape and minimize total cost of ownership

Video Infographic: Mobile Analytics

Interesting stats on mobile analytics from COMPTIA, Gartner, Good Technology, IDC, LOUDHOUSE, Motorola Solutions, Portio Research, Stiel Direct, and University of Texas at Austin. View the infographic, too: http://www.slideshare.net/SAPanalytics/mobile-analytics-infographic

SAP BusinessObjects for Finance Line of Business

See how SAP BusinessObjects solutions can help Finance line of business run better by enabling strategic alignment, predictable performance, and confident decisions. For more information: Visit us on the Web at www.sap.com/sapbusinessobjects

SAP Bundle Offering

SAP announced integration of Apache Hadoop into real-time data warehousing environments with a new “big data” bundle and go-to-market strategy with Cloudera, Hitachi Data Systems, Hortonworks, HP and IBM. The offering is based on the flagship SAP HANA platform and combines the SAP Sybase IQ server, SAP Data Integrator software and SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions. It provides a comprehensive data warehousing solution for real-time insights across massive data sets from various sources

Bringing together the speed, scale, flexibility and affordability needed to fully tap the potential of “big data,” SAP is offering the following Hadoop-integrated solutions in a single bundle, as well as individually:

  • SAP HANA database
  • SAP Sybase IQ, a columnar database and enterprise data warehouse database
  • SAP Data Integrator
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI suite

SAP enables customers to integrate Hadoop into their existing BI and data warehousing environments in multiple ways, giving customers the ability to tailor the integration to their needs. With SAP Data Integrator, organizations can read data from Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) or Hive databases, and load relevant data rapidly into SAP HANA or SAP Sybase IQ, helping ensure that BI users can continue to use their existing reporting and analytics tools. Furthermore, customers can federate queries across SAP Sybase IQ and Hadoop environments, or alternatively run MapReduce jobs across a SAP Sybase IQ MPP environment using built-in functionality. Lastly, SAP BusinessObjects BI users can query Hive environments giving business analysts the ability to directly explore Hadoop environments.

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BI Analytics Edition

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