17 July 2013

Novell iPrint is released



Novell iPrint

 Novell iPrint allows you to get away from a complex printing environment. iPrint lets mobile employees, business partners, and customers access printers from a variety of remote locations using existing Internet connections, securely across multiple networks and operating systems. Whether users are working in an office building, telecommuting from home, or attending a sales meeting in another country, iPrint ensures that they can print documents quickly, easily, and reliably.

iPrint makes all your printing resources instantly accessible with a web browser. In few mouse clicks you search your printer, download drivers, and create your printer on the workstation, enabling the user to send documents to the printer from any application on the desktop. Companies can also lower communication costs by reducing the need to fax documents between offices; instead, companies can use their existing Internet connections to print documents to remote printers.


  • Uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)
  • Provides broad vendor support
  • Provides print data encryption (SSL, TLS)
  • Provides a standard print protocol for all platforms (Linux, Macintosh, Windows)
  • Location-based printing
  • Browser-enabled printer installation interface
  • Secure information transfer




Novell iPrint includes several excellent features. To list some of them are:

  • Client for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows
  • Printer profiles (pre-set printer driver defaults)
  • Auditing
  • Full 64-bit server functionality for Open Enterprise Server 2
  • New migration and consolidation functionality for migrating to Open Enterprise Server 2
  • Enhanced Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM) functionality
  • Support for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 workstations
  • Browser based health monitoring of the complete print infrastructure
  • Support for a wide range of accounting applications
  • Centralized control of printer installations on Windows workstations (ICM)
  • Load balancing (Printer Pools)
  • Automatic Driver/Profile updates
  • Ability to redirect jobs for a faulty printer to another printer (redirection)
  • Banners
  • Direct printing - iPrint Direct changes the iPrint printers installed on workstations to print directly to the IP address of the printer. The iPrint server is bypassed.



Novell iprint consists of two elements


iPrint Server

Novell iPrint is one of the most popular tools in Open Enterprise Server. It allows network managers to maintain one repository of printer drivers locally for all users to leverage automatically and as-needed.


iPrint Client

Novell iPrint reduces helpdesk calls and the complexity of printer set-ups by enabling end users to easily locate and install printers using a browser and an office floor plan. It provides global access to printers, customizable views of any print environment, flexible print deployment configurations and easy, secure printing.

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Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1




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