25 July 2013

Attachemate Luminet SECURITY

Attachemate Luminet SECURITY is KING


Luminet Enterprise Fraud Management Software

See It. Record It. Analyze It.



Attachmate Luminet enterprise fraud management software sees, records, and analyzes user activity across all applications. It gives you a comprehensive picture of who did what, and when—providing the intelligence you need to take informed action.


Traditional approaches to new threats perpetuated by increasingly sophisticated insiders no longer work. Today you need to:


•Know for certain whether or not your policies and procedures are being followed.

•Analyze patterns, trends, and differences across multiple employees, departments, and applications.

•Gather detailed forensic evidence—even weeks or months after the user activity occurred.

•Stop scrambling to create a complete audit trail out of incomplete silos of information.

•Quickly access the data you need to demonstrate regulatory compliance and support your audit efforts.


With Luminet you can

See user activity—and stop the guessing games.

Luminet enterprise fraud management  software captures a real-time, over-the-shoulder view of user activity on all applications. What’s more, it lets you define adaptable business rules that pinpoint suspicious behavior based on your risk management strategy. It also generates real-time alerts related to questionable activity patterns, so you can immediately zero in on anomalies and support key audit questions.  

Record user activity—and play it back on demand.

Luminet records user activity in real time, then uses a proprietary algorithm to compress the data before storing it in a secure repository. You can conduct powerful full-text searches through current or recorded activity, playing back every screen and keystroke relevant to an alert or a case. You can even use built-in graphical dashboards and custom reports to provide at-a-glance intelligence on key activity metrics.

Analyze user activity—and take informed action.

Luminet helps you clearly distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate activity. For starters, it lets you define robust rules and alerts that respond to suspicious activity in real time. What’s more, its interactive tools detect the cross-channel patterns and trends of users across diverse departments and applications. Armed with this intelligence, you can connect the dots between activities and relationships—and then take informed action.

The Luminet link analysis tool reveals user activity patterns, trends, and complex relationships across diverse enterprise applications.



Maintain constant visibility of questionable user activity patterns with real-time alerts.


Attachmate Luminet enterprise fraud management software can help you:

Stop fraud and misuse

Your trusted employees commit more privacy violations than anyone else. Sometimes it’s intentional; sometimes it’s not. With Luminet, you can quickly tell the difference.

Get compliant

Luminet can help you meet the key requirements of regulations such as PCI DSS, FACTA Red Flag Reporting, FFIEC, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, FISMA, PIPEDA, and Basel II—without changing a single line of code.

Pass the audit

No more slogging through cryptic, incomplete log files. Luminet records user activity in real time—screen by screen, keystroke by keystroke—creating an audit trail directly from the network.

Gather effective intelligence via 100% visibility, continuous monitoring, and proactive alerts.

Strengthen accountability via performance benchmarking and process improvement.

Get immediate results via rapid deployment and on-demand report generation from historical data.

Presentation on Luminet

Video with some of the presentation content

Key Features of Luminet

•Real-time, cross-channel monitoring of user activity

•Screen-by-screen replay and Google-like searches

•Historical data analysis of captured activity

•On-demand reports  in multiple formats, including PDFs

•Customizable risk-based scoring

•Behavioral analytics tools, including graphical link display

•Investigation Center with fraud dashboard and management tools

•Rules and Policy Toolkit with custom rules support

•SIEM Extensions for NetIQ Sentinel 7

•Support for Oracle Forms 6.5 and 10

•FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module

Luminet enterprise fraud management software sees, records, and analyzes user activity across all applications.

It gives you a complete and accurate picture of who did what, and when—so you can support audit and compliance initiatives.

Monitored Applications

•IBM mainframe: 3270, MQ, LU0, and LU6.2

•IBM AS/400: 5250 and MPTN

•Unisys mainframe: T27

•Fujitsu mainframe: 6680


•Client/Server: TCP/IP, MQ Series, MSMQ, and SMB


•SWIFT, FIX, and ISO8583 (ATM)

•Database: Microsoft SQL Server 


•Other application-to-application protocols can be configured

•Oracle Forms 6.5 (client-server)

•Oracle Forms 10 (web-based)

Security Protocols



•AES encryption and digital certificates

Database Support

•Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later

•Oracle 9 and later

•Any standard SQL database

Directory Server Support

•Microsoft Active Directory

•Any LDAP-compliant directory server

Operating System Support

•Windows Server 2003

•Windows Server 2008

•SUSE Linux

•Red Hat Linux

By introducting Luminet into your SIEM environment, you can

Expand your view of user behavior across enterprise applications

The data captured with Luminet is processed using a behavioral-analytics engine and becomes a consumable event that is further processed by the traditional SIEM engine. For example, take one of your core business applications that is used daily by a variety of users. Some parts of the application reveal personal customer information, such as social security numbers. How can you tell if a user is surreptitiously copying those numbers down? In a traditional SIEM environment, that activity may not even be logged since no change took place. If it is logged, it may not necessarily be flagged as suspicious.

Luminet tracks your users’ application activity, even passive reading of screens, regardless of what may or may not be logged. All user behavior, across all parts of the application, is modeled into application usage patterns and deviations from that model are flagged by Luminet. When suspicious or deceptive behavior is flagged, it can be propagated to your SIEM environment for alerting, or perhaps correlation with other events.
Deep-dive analysis can then be performed in the Luminet Investigation Center to cast the event into the context of the entire sequence of screens the user was moving through when the suspicious activity occurred, providing you with the intelligence you need to defeat insider threats.


Enforce policies and facilitate compliance

When Luminet is integrated with your SIEM or other security tools (e.g., IDM or your trouble ticketing system), these systems become more than reporting tools. Depending on your policies and the capabilities of your SIEM product, you can configure Luminet to respond to incidents as they occur. For example, you can define robust rules and alerts that respond to suspicious activity in real time. What’s more, Luminet’s interactive tools help you clearly distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate activity by detecting the cross-channel patterns and trends of users across diverse departments and applications.

Luminet data can then be provided to your existing SIEM and consumed via your established central console to augment your real-time monitoring, event correlation, incident management, and reporting of user activity across multiple applications and multiple data channels. These functions can also help you demonstrate compliance with internal policies and controls as well as government regulations, such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, and others.


Analyze user behavior quickly and thoroughly

Navigating through a sea of disassociated, system-generated data can be as frustrating as having no data at all. Log files and alerts may be able to tell you what’s occurred at a high level, but without the ability to analyze those occurrences, you are missing the ground level details needed to take meaningful action.

Luminet makes it possible for you to drill into the security event logged by your SIEM engine and understand the details of the event and accompanying user activity. Together, the systems can perform high-level event consolidation and triage as well as highly sophisticated behavioral analysis that recognizes new trends, attacks, or violations. You can also manipulate and interact with real-time graphical information and drill down into historical details ranging from seconds to hours in the past. Sophisticated visualization tools like Luminet’s link analysis engine enable you to quickly identify patterns of behavior and activity that were previously invisible to your SIEM solution.




Video of Demo and intro


See Luminet in action

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