26 April 2013

Modern file access ease Classic IT control 
File Access and Sharing

Novell Filr provides enterprise-level mobile file access and sharing. Novell Filr allows your users to access their home directories and network folders on any mobile device, as well as synchronize their files to their PC and Mac computers. They can also share the files internally and externally and comment on shared files.

Rather than move your data to the cloud, Filr lets you keep files and data where they are today and where they belong—in established and secure company file storage that already meets your regulatory requirements; your file servers.

Users love mobile file access and sharing, but most cloud solutions give the IT department a headache. Not Novell Filr.

Top Five Novell Filr Features That Will Make IT Smile:

·         IT doesn't have to provision new storage for Filr users. It's already there.

·         The backup and security systems that IT has built (and you've invested in) continue to protect your data on Filr.

·         Filr fits nicely into both Windows Server and Novell Open Enterprise Server environments.

·         IT can control file access and sharing so public material can spread while intellectual property stays put.

·         Filr is easy to use and will make users happy, so they'll stop bothering the helpdesk and be more productive.

Novell Filr will be released in the first half of 2013.

 Top Ten

File and Networking Services

The Top Ten Differences That Let Novell® Filr Offer True Enterprise

File Sharing and Access

There are many vendors claiming to offer “Dropbox for the enterprise,” but true mobile enterprise file sharing demands more than a pithy slogan. It requires a high level of security and accountability, thorough controls and other features that empower IT to protect an organization’s interests. Novell® Filr is a different approach to the problem, one whose differences means it offers true enterprise file sharing and mobile access.

We don’t have to explain the downsides to popular cloud file sharing or mobile access solu­tions. We also don’t have to explain their appeal. IT departments everywhere want to give their users simple mobile access without opening their organization up to the many downsides of these cloud solutions. Novell Filr offers the same user experience but through a completely different design. Users get what they want, while IT retains control and corporate assets remain well protected in your data center.

Because it is built differently, Novell Filr:

1. Gives users access to their home directories. Novell Filr gives your users ac­cess to their home directories and network folders from any device or location. That means users can access a familiar environment where they can quickly get to work.

2. Won’t make you move files around. You don’t need to move files into a special folder or onto a specific piece of hardware to push them to mobile devices. IT does not need to provision new storage and users don’t need to create or recreate fold­ers. You already have everything set up nicely. Filr simply helps you share it across devices.

3. Always looks familiar. Not only does a user’s file structure look the same in Filr, but Filr itself looks the same no matter what device the user chooses. From phone to desktop to tablet, users see the same thing.

4. Lets users choose the device. Novell Filr works with Windows and Mac desk­tops and mobile devices running iOS, Android or BlackBerry. That means whether they’re on a Dell laptop, an iPhone, an Android tablet or on another device, users can connect to their files from wherever they roam.

5. Helps users control their workflow. When everyone shows up to a meeting with different versions of a file, nothing gets done. Filr eliminates the email file versioning syndrome and also allows users to leave comments for each other so everyone stays on the same page…or file.

6. Deploys easily. Filr is a virtual appliance-based solution, which makes installation and deployment easy and fast for IT. Adoption is easy for users as well. They can download the Filr clients and mobile device apps in just seconds.

7. Leverages your current data protection. Because Filr connects to users’ home directories and shared network folders, the data backup and security systems your IT department has built and you’ve invested in remain in force.

8. Doesn’t make you to buy extra storage. Yes, many cloud services give away a few gigs of storage, but for the amount of storage most organizations need, you have to pay. Why buy cloud storage when you already have a data center? With Filr you get mobile access without an increase in storage expenses.

9. Extends your current user access rules. Filr works with Active Directory or NetIQ® eDirectoryto extend the user access controls you’ve already developed. Whatever group and user access rights govern your home and network folders will also gov­ern those folders and files as users access them on their mobile devices.

10. Provides control over sharing. In addition to the access control already provided by your identity management system and file systems, Filr also gives you the ability to determine which files and folders your users can share either internally or externally.

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