03 April 2013

AppDNA new release 6.2 is here (since 19th March 2013)


New AppDNA 6.2 Release Expands Microsoft Support, Automated Application Compatibility

Since Citrix acquired AppDNA on the 26th of October in 2011, this solution has been offered as an extra solution by Citrix, and on the 19th of March 2013 a new version of the solution is available as of now, that DBA Consulting can offer to you.

The App-DNA AppTitude™ product enables organizations to quickly and intelligently assess their application portfolio and migration plans. As part of the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model, this will give customers important information that will help them plan and more rapidly implement a strategy to deliver desktops and applications as a service to all users in the enterprise.

The addition of App-DNA technology delivers the following customer benefits:

  • Rapid Application Portfolio Analysis – The AppTitude platform performs an analysis of an organization’s application portfolio to determine any potential install and/or runtime issues associated with application migration. A report is generated that provides the assessment in easy to read red, amber, green format along with an effort calculator that provides project sizing in terms of effort, time and resources required to complete.
  • Intelligent Application Remediation – AppTitude provides guidance to an organization for those applications that are determined to have potential compatibility issues. In many cases, the remediation can be provided directly via the AppTitude tools. Organizations now have a confirmed starting point for their migrations, as well as a path forward to ensure the success of the project.
  • Automated Application Packaging – AppTitude enables organizations to rapidly deploy applications through automated packaging of applications in Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI), Microsoft App-V or Citrix XenApp® formats.

Quick overview of AppDNA concepts:

Quick overview demo:

Today 19 March 2013, Citrix announces a new version of the Citrix AppDNA application migration software that expands the existing support for Microsoft technologies as well as introduces new features for large and multi-national enterprises.  Available today, AppDNA 6.2 provides faster and more accurate application assessment work as well as a more global view to application compatibility in enterprise customer projects. The new AppDNA release includes even more capabilities to accelerate application compatibility testing and remediation as well as automated virtual application preparation.

AppDNA 6.2 includes updated support for Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, Windows Server 2012, App-V 5 and System Center 2012. The new AppDNA release also includes usability and scalability features helpful for the growing number of very large organizations using AppDNA as they update physical and virtual Citrix and Microsoft environments.

Current customers can download the new AppDNA 6.2 here:

Download Citrix AppDNA 6.2 here.

– but if you’re not yet an AppDNA customer, try the no-cost AppDNA application compatibility trial download here.

AppDNATrial download.

The free AppDNA trial version allows you to import an unlimited number of applications and see the overall compatibility status of the application set. As an added bonus, you can model the application migration effort with the AppDNA free trial using the actual application analysis results and the AppDNA Effort Calculator to determine the time, cost and staff that need to be involved in the application migration project.

AppDNA 6.2 includes:

-          Full support for Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 and Server 2012 application testing and remediation. First announced in October with AppDNA 6.1 SP1,  Citrix now releases updated application compatibility support for the latest Microsoft releases, including side-by-side Windows 7 and Windows 8 application assessment.

-          App –V 5 application testing, remediation and automated virtual package preparation. Extending the existing AppDNA support for App-V, AppDNA 6.2 includes new algorithms to accommodate the significant changes from App-V 4.5 to 5. Also included is direct import of .appv packages. Remember AppDNA can automatically create virtual packages by calling the native App-V Sequencer, saving a huge amount of time and effort.

-          Integration with System Center Configuration Manager 2012 AppDNA was the leader in integrating with System Center Configuration Manager and Active Directory back in 2011
and builds on the existing support for System Center 2003 and 2007 with new support for the latest version of System Center 2012.  Customers working on migrations to System Center 2012 from 2003 or 2007 can use AppDNA during their migration – AppDNA 6.2 can integrate with both the older versions as well as System Center 2012, useful for enterprises working on application compatibility projects while also undertaking a System Center upgrade.

-          A new scalable wizard for loading System Center Configuration Manager data into AppDNA.  As Citrix customers use AppDNA to test large and very large application portfolios, advances in scalability for application import is just as important as the past advances that brought very large application portfolio testing down to just minutes for these very large application sets.

-          Additional hypervisor support AppDNA InstallCapture now can be completed with VMware vSphere 5.1. AppDNA 6.2 now supports 5 different hypervisors from Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, accommodating the needs of customers using a mix of technologies.

-          Expanded support for application compatibility work in non-Roman languages Not every app is in English, or even in Roman characters. AppDNA 6.2 now includes capabilities for installing and running AppDNA on local language versions of Windows, calling local language versions of related programs like Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (for AppDNA report generation) and SQL Server,  as well as importing, analyzing and reporting on applications that are named in non-Roman languages.  As multi-national organizations work with AppDNA with IT teams around the world, it’s important to have a global view of application compatibility.

Curious about an XP migration to Windows 8? Want to see how your apps would behave on App-V 5? Checking application compatibility for a Server 2003 to Server 2012 project?

Download the AppDNA no-charge application compatibility trial software to compare side by side application compatibility issues for your current application portfolio on Windows 7 and Windows 8, web app compatibility on IE10 or any of the new AppDNA 6.2 features.

Download AppDNA Free Trial here.

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