17 December 2012

Oracle Web Center and IBM WebSphere Portal (really good choices)

Why you should invest first what your requirements are for a Web Content Management System can be seen in the videos below and the needs you have for day to day use for your company are deciding factors in your choice of what the best system is for you.

There are several systems for Web Content Management (WCM), like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Sharepoint (Microsofts WCM), and of-course Redhat's JBoss, but this blog is about IBM WebSphere and Oracle Web Center.


First of all we deal with Oracle Web Center. Oracle Web Center is part of the Fusion Middleware Stack from the Oracle Software stack:

The components of Oracle Web Center are:

Some of the capabilities of Oracle Web Center can be seen in the videos below.

Oracle WebCentre:

Introduction to Developing with Oracle WebCenter:

For a test Drive of Oracle Web Center you can view information about a test drive here:


IBM WebSphere Portal is a powerful solution for delivering engaging web content and applications in an integrated, differentiated and personalized web experience.
WebSphere Portal supports workflows, content management, social, mobile web delivery, simplified usability and administration, open standards, security and scalability. These capabilities provide an exceptional web experience to help you become a social business.

IBM Business Process Management Journey:

Easily create new sites with the IBM Content Template Catalog:

Create Personalized Experiences with IBM Customer Experience Suite:

IBM Web Experience Management Software Version 8:

IBM WebSphere Portal Demo:


Demo WebSphere Portal

Comparing IBM WebSphere and Oracle Web Center (note is a comparison from 2010 and there were several improvements for Oracle like, ExaData version 3, new Middleware software release and it compares a scenario that might not be your scenario and you might be better of with either vendors solution, for a realistic comparison and accurate information please contact DBA Consulting):

Comparing IBM WebSphere and Oracle Web Center

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