21 September 2012

Citrix Success Accelerates

Desktop Transformation Accelerator

Free, customized step-by-step virtual desktop assessment, design and deployment tool

Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator is a FREE, interactive XenDesktop assessment, design and deployment tool from the experts. Based on the industry-proven Desktop Transformation Model and real-world XenDesktop projects, it simplifies your desktop virtualization planning and installation with tools, decision checklists, best practices, peer benchmarks, documentation and how-to videos - all organized in a no-nonsense, step-by-step way. Perfect for IT managers, architects and administrators who are preparing to install XenDesktop, the Desktop Transformation Accelerator ensures you get value quickly from your XenDesktop purchase.

Why create a project?

Assessment tools and templates

Use Citrix's virtual desktop assessment resources to inventory your environment and develop your project roadmap.

Guided Design

Follow a comprehensive checklist of questions and options for each design decision.

Peer Benchmarks

Compare your design against thousands of other Success Accelerator projects like yours.

XenDesktop Best Practices

Reference the latest Citrix best practices to make informed decisions based on real-world XenDesktop installations.

Step-by-Step Installation

Get custom-generated, step-by-step XenDesktop installation and rollout instructions and resources.

Desktop Transformation Accelerator

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