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21 September 2012

Citrix Success Accelerates

Desktop Transformation Accelerator

Free, customized step-by-step virtual desktop assessment, design and deployment tool

Citrix Desktop Transformation Accelerator is a FREE, interactive XenDesktop assessment, design and deployment tool from the experts. Based on the industry-proven Desktop Transformation Model and real-world XenDesktop projects, it simplifies your desktop virtualization planning and installation with tools, decision checklists, best practices, peer benchmarks, documentation and how-to videos - all organized in a no-nonsense, step-by-step way. Perfect for IT managers, architects and administrators who are preparing to install XenDesktop, the Desktop Transformation Accelerator ensures you get value quickly from your XenDesktop purchase.

Why create a project?

Assessment tools and templates

Use Citrix's virtual desktop assessment resources to inventory your environment and develop your project roadmap.

Guided Design

Follow a comprehensive checklist of questions and options for each design decision.

Peer Benchmarks

Compare your design against thousands of other Success Accelerator projects like yours.

XenDesktop Best Practices

Reference the latest Citrix best practices to make informed decisions based on real-world XenDesktop installations.

Step-by-Step Installation

Get custom-generated, step-by-step XenDesktop installation and rollout instructions and resources.

Desktop Transformation Accelerator

20 September 2012

Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle Unbreakable Linux, really UNBREAKABLE!

Oracle unbreakable Linux turns out really to be UNBREAKABLE even in costs savings. Free to download, but for specific support and drivers please buy a support plan.

Oracle introduced a costs savings calculator for Oracle Linux, of which you can find the link below and find out for yourself how much you can save.

Here is a sample report for your information:

If you wonder why you should choose Oracle Linux, well here is why:

  •  Oracle Clusterware is the dominant clustering solution for Linux today and was one of the first fully supported clustering solutions for Linux
  •  Oracle Grid Infrastructure is completely compatible with pre-existing cluster file Systems such as Oracle Cluster File System Version 2 (OCFS2)
  •  Oracle Linux Basic and Premier Support customers can download and deploy Oracle Clusterware in a Linux cluster with no additional license and support costs
  • Oracle's cluster solution for Oracle Linux is the Oracle Grid Infrastructure, which includes Oracle Clusterware, Oracle Automatic Storage Management with the ACFS clustered filesystem, an application agent HA API and a growing portfolio of pre-packaged application HA agents

  • Provides high availability and rich cluster resource management for any Oracle or third-party application
  • Based on proven cluster technology and has been ported to all operating systems
  • Allows clustering of single servers so that they cooperate as a single system
  • Provides the required infrastructure for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Offers Oracle's customers a solid and proven clustering solution built with two decades of clustering experience
  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure is fully compatible and certified on Oracle VM for Linux 3.1

For an animated overview see this webpage from Oracle (also new KSplice hot updates):

or direct link:

Oracle Linux now Certified for Oracle Database on Oracle Linux 6:

Download link for Oracle Linux:

Oracle Linux overview:

Oracle Linux Download center:

High Availability Oracle Linux download: