26 August 2012

CMS or Content Management Systems compared

Content Management Systems (CMS’s) Compared

DBA Consulting does not believe in vendor lock-in. It is however sometimes difficult to make a good choice for certain solutions for your IT automating requirements.

I order to make a erudite and well thought through choice for your CMS, you have to consider quite a lot.

1) How big is your budget?

If your budget is zero then you might opt for a open source solution like Drupal or Joomla.

2) What is your intended use of the CMS your planning?

For that a decision tree like the one below might help:

Another option might be to look at the opinion of market research institutions like Gartner and take a look at their magic quadrant:

Okay, we can see the Adobe and Oracle are quite good, and wait big vendors like Microsoft and IBM are challengers according to this quadrant. Quit informative all of this. Is the phrase “Oracle number ONE software company” justified after all? Well this is just a momentary picture, Microsoft is planning the release of SharePoint 2013 (no probable not SharePoint 15) and IBM is not stopping with their improvements either. So they will either catch up very quickly or overtake the next Gartner Quadrant will tell.

Well if you look at all of this you might also want to dive into license costs and connectivity possibilities and API’s, we found some great vendors, now lets compare some more details.

As you can see quite a lot to look at when deciding which CMS is the best for you. All depends on your budget your needs and which vendor is the most innovative at the time of deciding. But also what skills do your employees have currently might be an important factor to consider when deciding which CMS is best for you!

Still not sure and need help deciding, please contact DBA Consulting for more information.

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