26 July 2012

IBM Pure Flex Systems

IBM Pure Flex Systems

IBM has a new generation of extremely flexible systems, called Pure Flex Systems. They come in different tastes:

-       PureFlex Systems
-       PureApplication Systems

Introducing the IBM PureFlex System

A PureFlex System includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of your workloads. With built-in expertise, the PureFlex System supports 66 percent faster management set-up time. Consolidation and management expertise from thousands of successful data center optimizations drives automation to significantly reduce manual processes that consume too many staff hours. Optimization expertise also allows your infrastructure the flexibility to address unexpected demands without requiring expensive surplus capacity.
This system is designed to provide a simplified experience and reduce IT complexity without compromising the flexibility you need. “Scale in” integrated design reduces implementation to as little as a day vs weeks and enables payback in as little as 9 months. By delivering both simplicity and flexibility in a system with integrated expertise you can rapidly deploy IT services and keep them running at the performance levels you business demands, while still managing cost.
The PureFlex System is built on elements of The IBM Flex System. IBM PureFlex System Includes compute, storage, systems management, and networking components. These Components are pre-configured, pre-integrated to make up three editions of the PureFlex System offerings: Express, Standard, and Enterprise to meet your IT infrastructure needs.

What are IBM PureApplication Systems

Whether you operate in a traditional environment or in a private cloud environment, this IBM platform system can provide you with superior IT economics. With the PureApplication System, you benefit from the 'scale-in' design, integrated provisioning, elasticity and virtualization infrastructure and provision your own patterns of software, middleware and virtual systems resources. You can provision these patterns within a unique framework that is shaped by IT best practices and industry standards. Patterns of expertise can automatically balance, manage and optimize the elements necessary, from the underlying hardware resources up through the middleware and software. IBM builds expertise into pre-integrated deployment patterns, which can speed the development and delivery of new services.
Patterns of expertise help deliver and manage today's modern business processes, services and applications. They do so by encapsulating, into a repeatable and deployable form, proven best practices and expertise. This best-practice knowledge and expertise has been gained from decades of optimizing the deployment and management of data centers, software infrastructure and applications around the world.

IBM PureApplicaton Systems Part1:

IBM PureApplicaton Systems Part1:

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