30 May 2012

Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Core Server install and Configuration tools.

Yesterday I visited a Microsoft IT Campus day about HyperV and there was mention of Windows Server 2008 R2 Core Server with minimal install and no GUI interfaces installed. All you can do then is a simple command line maintenance. For some this a a too big strain on memory functions, "What was that command again?". In order to prevent swearing and looking for several lines long commands there was a command invented that can help you out in cases like a bad memory. The command is called sconfig. Below is a small Youtube video from Microsoft Edge TV that talks about this command.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 sconfig:

A totally different tool that also enables real GUI Core Configuration is Core Configurator:

A new release of this tool is out and is described on this website:

Core Confugurator 2.0 website:  http://coreconfig.codeplex.com/

A small video with a demo of this new release is shown below:

It looks that core server install doesn't have to be that core anymore these days. Enjoy the tools and work.

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