18 April 2012

Novell SUSE linux and SAP

DBA Consulting offers SAP BI solutions on Novell SUSE Linux. ( info@dbaconsulting.nl )


Novell's close collaboration with SAP promotes seamless integration of the two company's products and offers comprehensive service and support. Together with various hardware manufacturers, SAP and Novell collaborate in the SAP Linux Lab to continually improve Linux and develop it further for commercial use.
Committed to Linux, and with a global presence and widely distributed partner networks, Novell and SAP can offer comprehensive guidance and support for implementation and operation. With complementary solutions, SAP and Novell form a dynamic duo that gives you leeway for innovation – absolutely essential in today's constantly changing markets.

Alliance Overview
Novell and SAP have joined forces to provide businesses of all types and sizes the most advanced integration technologies and identity-management solutions available. Advancing a shared commitment to the widespread adoption of Linux in the workplace, Novell and SAP have ported SAP applications to the industry-leading Linux enterprise operating system.
Novell SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server became the first Linux platform to be certified for SAP Business Suite applications and the adaptive computing infrastructure from SAP. Novell's eDirectory, the basis of the Novell Identity and Access Management Suite, was the first directory service to be certified for SAP NetWeaver Portal and all SAP NetWeaver components -- ensuring that all Novell Identity and Access Management Products can be seamlessly integrated into SAP environments.
SAP and Novell enjoy a global network of experts that covers all areas of support, from consulting to implementation and operation to maintenance. Novell is the only Linux distributor to offer round-the-clock support.
Key Customer Benefits
Novell Identity and Access Management Solutions bring about a quick return on investment (ROI) and a sustainable reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO). A study conducted by Novell Worldwide Services, Stanford University, and Hong Kong University shows that a company with 10,000 employees can save between 609,198.9€ and 0.99€ million annually.
The high performance of Novell solutions reduces hardware costs. Compared to proprietary Unix systems, the combination of SAP enterprise solutions and Novell SUSE LINUX affords tangible cost savings and improved performance.
Novell and SAP solutions also offer high security. Novell SUSE LINUX products feature an array of security functions. For instance, Novell SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 has attained the Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4+, the highest security and operating certification for Linux.

Capabilities and Industry Expertise
Many large enterprises take advantage of the cost and reliability benefits of open-source software, especially Linux. Your company is probably concerned about such issues as realistic cost benefits, ROI, the impact on business operations, skill sets, training, and support. Novell can ease these concerns:
         •   IT strategy -- Novell's approach to working with customers like you starts with IT strategy. Novell's IT strategy is based in developing a clear understanding of your company's key business challenges.
        •    Resource management -- Over the past decades, companies and other large organizations have accumulated a plethora of systems, software, and data. Managing this growing complex tangle has become increasingly costly. In an era of intense cost cutting, reducing IT infrastructure costs has become a business imperative.
        •   Secure identity management -- Identity management is a topic of keen interest to many organizations, like yours, that have distributed operations and large numbers of stakeholders -- including employees, partners, distributors, customers -- who need secure access to vital corporate data. Novell commands the front position of identity management software providers with a complete offering of cross-platform identity management products, including directory, metadirectory, provisioning, single sign-on, and secure access solutions.
             Service-oriented architecture -- For decades companies like yours have struggled with the problem of integrating diverse application environments and data. Various techniques, such as enterprise application integration, have been developed to help solve this problem, with varying degrees of success.

Alliance Focus Areas
             Help organizations deploy SAP solutions on Linux with confidence, consolidating operating  systems, replacing proprietary platforms with Linux systems, and leveraging virtualization solutions in the data center
          •    Help organizations integrate, secure, and manage information assets to reduce complexity and cost
             Define and offer packaged solutions to address customer-specific business challenges
              Integrate Novell Linux Desktop, including OpenOffice, solutions with SAP applications
              Leverage and contribute to service-oriented architecture initiatives
Novell/SAP Knowledge Corner
              Novell SAP Global Alliance

About Novell
Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL) delivers the best engineered, most interoperable Linux platform and a portfolio of integrated IT management software that helps customers around the world reduce cost, complexity and risk. With our infrastructure software and ecosystem of partnerships, Novell harmoniously integrates mixed IT environments, allowing people and technology to work as one. For more information, visit Novell's online.




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