01 April 2012


Systems Management with NetIQ Aegis Security Administration Suite

NetIQ Systems Management solutions provide rich heterogeneous systems management and monitoring, enabling organizations to provide effective service management, align their IT operations with business priorities and optimize the delivery of IT-based business services. Perhaps the best method for addressing these problems is to automate many of the tasks associated with compliance. The benefits for automation are numerous and include reduction of associated costs, and consistency in the required data. These processes also lead your organization down the path to greater operational efficiency.

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NetIQ AppManager Suite Differentiators

Scalability: NetIQ AppManager scales to centrally manage larger environments than the Microsoft product. This scalability comes from the use of a tiered model, with NetIQ AppManager Control Center sitting at the top to provide a single enterprise view and control across as many as 40 QDBs (data repositories) and 50,000 systems.

Cross-platform support: NetIQ has provided a heterogeneous solution for over a decade. While Microsoft is working on tepid support for other vendors they will always be Windows-centric providing “little credibility as a solution player in the heterogeneous IT management software market2,” according to Forrester. Gartner says, “In heterogeneous IT environments, Operations Manager 2007 lacks compelling value to displace multivendor ECA products3.” There are third-party add-on modules from other vendors as well, but the risk of cross-vendor finger-pointing when problems arise is a concern for enterprise buyers.

Trusted alerts: NetIQ AppManager profiles systems and applications, learning what is “normal behavior” for a given time of the day. This reduces the cost of manually maintaining monitoring thresholds and provides alerting that is more reliable for fewer false-positives. It also applies multi-metric correlation to point to the most likely problem source. It can even forewarn of impending issues through automated trend analysis. Microsoft only provides the ability to set upper and lower thresholds based on maximum or minimum values over an assumed time frame.

End-user experience monitoring: NetIQ AppManager uses synthetic transactions with self-maintenance features, such as optical character recognition, that actively emulate end-user behavior for any application with a Windows client to warn of service impact and collect SLA metrics. This is in contrast to the simple testing for port availability or basic web calls that the Microsoft product does.

Upgrades supported: NetIQ AppManager has always provided an upgrade path as new versions are released. In contrast Microsoft has a history of requiring a costly rip and replacement of agents, data, reports and infrastructure to support new versions of their product.

IT Process Automation: NetIQ Aegis, with the adapter for NetIQ AppManager, fully automates the response and recovery actions for events detected by NetIQ AppManager and other tools. This can include integration and control of ticketing tools, CMDBs, provisioning tools and so on to enable automation of IT processes. This automation has significant cost-reduction benefits and helps to enforce policy and process consistency. Microsoft has no product that provides this functionality.

Granular entitlements: NetIQ products are built with highly granular entitlement capabilities to provide only necessary access, feature by feature, to each administrator or operator.

Flexibility: NetIQ AppManager is built with enterprise-ready flexibility with features like monitoring policy exceptions that allow simple, but auditable, modification to standard monitoring configurations – allowing you to conform to differing standards across multiple lines of business with ease. With Microsoft’s product, you must override their standards, which become unsupported and will not show up in reports.

Security and compliance teams to find streamline their compliance efforts and processes associated with these. NetIQ Aegis can help you fulfill ITIL requirements.

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