19 March 2012

Who thinks also RedHat is GOOD:

Why is RedHat so good:
Drs. Albert Spijkers
DBA Consulting (www.dbaconsulting.nl)

In the previous blog I stated some reasons for choosing RedHat and why it is better then Microsoft for several reasons in the NY Stock Exchange!
But in fact it is so good that Oracle Corporation did develop an specific version for their Database the Number 1 Database 

#1 Database, ….in the world, ….. with UNLIMITED scaleability!!

Part of Oracle Linux, Oracle’s new Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel brings
the latest innovations and improvements from upstream Linux development
to the datacenter.
Fast, Modern, and Reliable Linux Kernel

With Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, Oracle delivers the latest innovations from upstream
development to customers who run Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or Oracle Linux 5.
Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is based on a stable 2.6.32 kernel and includes optimizations
developed in collaboration with Oracle’s Database, Middleware and Hardware engineering
teams to ensure stability and optimal performance for the most demanding enterprise

Oracle Linux also includes a Red Hat compatible kernel, compiled directly from Red Hat
Enterprise Linux source. Under the Unbreakable Linux Support program, Oracle will continue
to support the Red Hat Compatible kernel. This means you have a choice at boot time: strict
RHEL compatibility with the Red Hat Compatible Kernel or a system optimized for running
enterprise software with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel.

Update the Linux kernel with no downtime and no reboot 

Btrfs – The Next Generation File System for Linux
Btrfs (B-tree file system) is the “next generation file system” for Linux. Pronounced as “Butter FS” or “B-tree FS”, it is a GPLlicensed
file system first developed by Oracle’s Chris Mason in 2007. Today its development is coordinated by Oracle in
collaboration with many contributors from the Linux community. Btrfs provides a number of features that make it a very
attractive file system solution for local disk storage. Oracle is committed to making Btrfs the most reliable and feature-rich
file system for Linux.
Btrfs is designed for:
- Large files and file systems from the ground up
- Simplified administration
- Integrated RAID and volume management
- Snapshots
- Checksums for data and meta-data

 Linux Containers (LXC) 
Consolidate with Oracle Linux Containers 

 Linux Containers (LXC) allow running multiple isolated Linux instances (containers) on the same host. 
A container is a way to isolate a group of processes from the others on a running Linux system. By making use of existing functionality like the Linux kernel's 
new resource management and resource isolation features (Cgroups and name spaces), these processes can have their own private view of the operating system 
with its own process ID (PID) space, file system structure and network interfaces. 

Containers share the same kernel with anything else that is running on it, but can be constrained to only use a defined amount of resources such as CPU, memory 
or I/O. By combining containers with other features like the Btrfs file system or the Open vSwitch, it will be possible to quickly set up multiple lightweight isolated 
Linux instances with their own virtual network segment on a single host. 

 Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel R.2 for Oracle Linux 
Fast, Modern, Reliable, and Optimized for Oracle 

The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 is Oracle's second major release of its heavily tested and optimized operating system kernel for Oracle Linux 5 and Oracle Linux 6. 
Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 is based on the mainline Linux kernel version 3.0.16 and boasts a wide range of new features and improvements relevant for enterprise workloads. 
Some of the key features and changes in this release include: 

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