15 February 2012

Business Intelligence Developments

Business Intelligence still a battlefield!

When choosing a Business intelligence solution there are several things one has to consider and ease of implementation is a really important aspect to look at. When looking at the Gartner quadrant for BI you can see that Microsoft is still the leader in Business Intelligence in the Gartner Magical Quadrant. There are also a number of other important players in this quadrant who are just as good in my humble opinion when looking at the entire picture, although Microsoft is leading the way for them right now.

Come back you coward I can still bite you!
(Microsoft currently number one according to Gartner magical quadrant).

Is there a sun-rise after this sun-set?

EXADATA, Exalytics and Exalogic!

Sparc Super Cluster now fastest around according to TPC-C test results:

TPC-C Result Highlights  As of 15-Feb-2012 11:02 AM  [GMT]
 SPARC SuperCluster with T3-4 Servers

But: Inspired by the pioneers: IBM Netezza!!!

And this is how the CIA (Customer Intelligence Appliance) from Netezza Twin Fin technology works!

Netezza Twin Fin technology is what makes Netazza Data Warehouse Appliance so special:

IBM Netezza Federated Data Architecture for Netezza

Exceptional Twin Fin technology:

“Our appliances contain complexity’s creep,” says IBM Netezza. That should appeal to you. How much of your analytic system definition is physical partitions, indexes, prebuilt aggregates, cubes? Did you allocate enough disk memory? Why should you have to think about any of that? IBM Netezza’s answer is simple, indeed: “You don’t.” How long will it take to set up the box and get to work? “A day.”
“The way we did a proof-of-concept with them [IBM Netezza] was, they shipped us a box, we put it into our data center and plugged into our network. Within 24 hours, we were up and running. I’m not exaggerating, it was that easy.”
Joseph Essas, VP of Technology at eHarmony in an interview with CIO magazine

The IBM Netezza CIA creates a single view of
customers across channels, touchpoints and time,
and provides analytics that build richer, more
profitable and lasting customer relationships.

Key Business Benefits of IBM Netezza Twin Fin Data Warehouse Appliance:

360 degree customer view
CIA integrates data from all channels in an organized manner utilizing
its flexible and elaborate data model to create a unified view of the
Customer Lifetime Value
CIA allows analytics that enables retailers to understand customer
lifetime value, so retailers can optimize spend based on customer
Improved ROI on Promotions
Leveraging the analytics embedded and a better understanding of the
customers, retailers can target customers much more effectively and
increase ROI on offers.
Faster Richer Customer Segmentation and Marketing Campaign
CIA’s behavioral attributes enable quick scoring capability without
sending data to another application, enabling a much faster
turn-around for the retailer and faster speed to market in capitalizing on
new offers and opportunities.
Higher Conversion and Retention
A complete understanding of the customer, allows retailers to
understand motivation for switching and conversion and also a deeper
understanding of what it would take to retain customers. CIA analytics
result in improved customer loyalty for the retailer.

Managing big data sets and making them available for deep analysis, often as events are developing, are complicated computing and data management challenges. Data warehousing has a checkered history, suggesting vendors have not done enough to screen their customers from these complexities.
Recognizing the scale and complexity of these challenges, IBM Netezza adopts unique technology and business models.
“IBM Netezza is easy to do business with; we minimize our customers’ risk by delivering an appliance to their data center for full and transparent evaluation at no cost.”
Our appliances offer the best price/performance for the most demanding analytic challenges.

This information is taken from information from Oracle and Netezza and would like to thank them for that, also mind that Microsoft is currently rated number One in BI technology by Gartner in the BI magical quadrant, but since Albert Einstein ”everything is relative!”

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