10 November 2011

New severs and systems are GREAT (SUN, IBM, Dell, HP, Fijutsi, etc. But how do we manage them easily?

Novell Zenworks makes everything work together:

Maintenance without hashle!

In this video we have a SUSE Linux Primary ZENworks Server and an SQL 2008 DB sitting on Windows 2003. We probably want the ZENworks 11 agent on the Server and we can then use this as a windows Proxy to deploy to other Windows Devices. Sure before we do a mass deployment of the agent there is more work to be dome but this is a start.

System Centre Beta Orchestration with Opalis:
Automating maintenance in system centre.
Opalis brings a wealth of IT Process Automation and integrated management capabilities to System Center that enables you to:

  • Ensure datacenter service predictability and compliance while lowering costs through orchestrated automation of workflows/tasks across IT systems.

  • Automate cross-silo processes and enforce best practices for core datacenter processes like incident management, change management, and service lifecycle management.
  • Reduce unanticipated errors and service delivery time by automating tasks across vendor and organizational silos.

  • Integrate System Center with non-Microsoft tools to enable interoperability across your datacenter.
Key Benefits

  • Consistent and repeatable IT activity
  • Lower support and operational costs
  • Higher quality, consistent service delivery
  • Process-driven management and reporting

This screencast shows how orchestrator can work with Ssystem Center Virtual Machine Mnaager to create process around management of VMs.

Here is an overview video of Opalis:

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