07 November 2011

Why IBM and Novell

IBM System z and Novell

Linux on System z: simple, scalable, available, secure.
Linux on System z servers can do more with less, helping IT organizations to eliminate server sprawl and complexity and to build a cloud environment. Linux on System z combines the open standards of Linux with the unmatched power of IBM System z server and virtualization technlogies.
Linux on System z can help on a smarter IT infrastructure that:

  • Improves IT optimization for efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Provides advanced virtualization for greater flexibility, scalability and simplicity
  • Helps you meet growing security, compliance and regulatory demands
  • Supports energy efficiency and environmental initiatives
Oracle database is a powerful candidate to look at re-hosting. Why? The deployment of distributed Oracle database servers often results in a level of complexity that is unmanageable and increasingly expensive. Together, IBM and Oracle can provide a dynamic, integrated and automated virtualized data center environment designed to optimize business agility and efficiency.

Oracle E-Business Suite on Linux for IBM System z

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 is a comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications that include Enterprise Applications for Asset Lifecycle Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Procurement, Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing.
Clients can fully exploit the capabilities of Linux on System z to gain mission-critical reliability for the Oracle E-Business Suite, potentially reducing costs through System z server consolidation and simplifying management and operations by leveraging System z virtualization and systems management features.

Consolidating multiple Oracle database servers and the Oracle E-Business Suite onto a single IBM System z server running multiple virtual Linux servers can reduce system management and maintenance requirements. z/VM’s outstanding virtualization, intelligent workload management, the unique ability to support diverse workloads concurrently, high levels of security and intelligent recovery capabilities make the Linux on System z environment the ideal choice to host Oracle solutions and serve as a hub in a smarter IT infrastructure.
Oracle supports most all of their applications in a split tier environment with the database on Linux on the System z server and the application server hosted elsewhere. AIX running on the zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension might be the best choice for these applications, providing an extended level of business and operational value for IT optimization.

Novell Brainshare 2011:

Part 1:


Part 3:

Novell NetIQ Aegus:

Novell® product lines now operating under the NetIQ business unit include:

IBM Virtualization leading the way for over 40 years:


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