04 October 2011

Solaris 11 Express on Laptop!

I have been playing around with the first version of Solaris 11 Express on a old laptop with an old 100 Gb disk I put in and was not at all disappointed apart from the fact that the system was reported to work but is not considered as supported hardware for this platform. Apart form really nagging and hacking idiots in the town I life, who seemed to find it a sport to attack the system even before it was installed, because of a stupid old fashioned dial-in modem that was hacked all the time, the platform is quick, and reliable and  secure. I have the same problem on my second hand Mac Book, which has more then one dial-in modem. 

The system is intended for great Sparc and Sun x86 servers from Oracle and will work really fine on them. It is reliable, secure and fast. No question about it I like Solaris. It is currently also very fast and ranks the top of the TCP-H benchmarks tests. So why not consider Solaris and SUN servers for your OBIEE 11g dashboards? Want proof, take a look at the table below, it really is the top at this moment.

By the way: Solaris can also run great on IBM servers to. We all know that great iron does a great job.

Checkout the Sparc server range at:


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