29 October 2011

Recently joined the IBM Partner World

I recently joined the IBM Partner world:     



They have a lot of cool hardware to offer, with great OS platform possibilities:


Linux on IBM System z

Redhat for Mainframe

Red Hat Enterprise Linux support for mainframe systems allows customers to deploy a common operating system across their entire IT infrastructure. From the laptop to the mainframe.
What makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux the appropriate solution for mainframe environments?
·       service capabilities
·       better performance
·       security
·       quality
·       API/ABI stability
·       a world-leading OEM/ISV certification portfolio

Mainframe ISV Ecosystem
Red Hat Enterprise Linux enjoys a full ecosystem of ISV partners on our distributed platforms, and our release for IBM System z is no different. Currently we have over 700 independent ISV certifications, including IBM WebSphere, Oracle and SAP. For a complete listing, please visit our ISV Software Catalog.


[1] With a System z Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription, an unlimited number of Red Hat Enterprise Linux images can be run per processor.


IBM z-Linux is tested for:


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