14 October 2011

Does your Browser matter!

Microsoft has a new tool to test the security and effectiveness of defense mechanisms to protect your private data.


If you click the link you will find yourself on the website testing your browser. But is the test really al you need to know about safe browsing?

If you install some of the security add-ons on the alternative WebBrowsers, you will find that security increases rapidly, recommended add-ons are no-script on all browsers and cookie safe add-ons. But also a add-banner add-on can help you against third party cookies and thus attacks. Should we ban adds then? No. Websites should be build save and with a first party cookies check. WOT and Netcraft help also to browse safer. Biggest problems are however XXS and phishing and webpage hijacking.  False cookies inserted after a phishing attack that succeeded can lead to session hijacking, which is even worse. The test is checking according to a list of criteria that is made by a few renowned web security parties. So not a total non-sense test, but off course a test is only as good as its criteria, and a all inclusive test is very hard to assemble. So conclusion all browsers do have security flaws and lack supported for some video format or are not supporting all new web 3D technology and have different names for the webkit command to use for the 3D technology, but at least an attempt to make browsing safer for the users.

A good firewall with the right settings, is also very important in safe browsing and protecting your private data.

Here are some tips from the site:


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