15 September 2011

The Developer pre-view platform for windows 8 is here!

The new developer version of windows 8 is downloadable now. The release date of the production version is not known yet.

The main feature that was shown is the extensively redesigned user interface, optimized for touchscreens as well as mice and keyboards. A new "Start screen", similar to the one in Windows Phone 7, includes live application tiles. It replaces the Start menu, being triggered by the Start button or Windows key, and is also the first screen shown on startup. The user can go to the regular desktop by choosing the "Desktop" tile or a traditional desktop-based application. The Start screen also displays the user's name and avatar. Windows 8 has a new developer platform according to Microsoft Vice President Christopher Ham, who called it "our new developer platform, which is...based on HTML5 and JavaScript." The new applications developed for Windows 8 could be easily ported as a Metro (design language) style application and developers could use any existing Windows Application Development language to port applications as a Metro style app (by adding minimal amount of code). This is possible because of the architectural changes done to the Windows platform. All applications developed whether using C#, MFC or HTML5/JavaScript will translate into WinRT(Windows RunTime) API's, which sits above the Windows Kernel directly. The new applications run in full-screen, but two of them can be displayed side-by-side using "Snap". Examples of new applications that were demoed include a Twitter client, a weather application, a stock-tracking application, an RSS news feeder, and a virtual piano.
The new interface is primarily designed for 16:9 screen resolutions.

Building windows 8:

Video 1:

Video 2 :

There is an extremely fats cold boot for Windows 8, it is a  new fast startup mode which is a hybrid of traditional cold boot and resuming from hibernate. Here you can see some of the time statistics.

Sample of test results from System Integration Test lab systems.
Click to see a bigger version of this chart.

Representation of different phases between cold boot and fast startup.
Click to see a bigger version of this chart.


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