15 August 2011

RAC on Oracle

Oracle RAC on Linux or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, which is cheaper per transaction?

Oracle is Software Vendor number ONE, but any iedea why Oracle Database is still number one?

Here are some benchmark results that can help you figure out why:

According to this benchmark test you pay 7 cents less per transaction with Oracle Database!

But is that the whole story?

If you are CEO, then it is. But as you can see Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is second and at DBA Consulting I think it is my task to help you convince why you should choose one product over the other.

In terms of scalability there are choices to be made as well.


“In the current economic climate, where value for money is paramount and IT budgets are being cut, the Microsoft SQL Server database program represents a wiser investment because it can meet the same requirements as an equivalent Oracle RAC installation at a much lower cost. The lower cost is achievable due to advances in hardware technology that make it possible to meet the resource requirements of most applications by using commodity hardware, such as multi-core CPUs,” reads an excerpt from the whitepaper.

According to Microsoft, customers that adopt and implement Oracle RAC following guidance provided by Oracle via the Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) need to also pay for Active Data Guard, which adds 4,070.18€ per processor. “An Oracle RAC solution can cost five times more than an equivalent SQL Server solution that satisfies the same requirements, but does the Oracle RAC solution provide five times better performance, scalability, and high availability than SQL Server?” the software giant asks.

Microsoft recommends that customers themselves deploy and test both Oracle RAC and SQL Server 2008 and draw their own conclusions. However, this does not stop the Redmond-based company from emphasizing the limitations of Oracle RAC in specific scenarios, or to debunk what it refers to as myths and misunderstandings related to the rival offering.

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I am convinced tat both companies offer a quality product, but from the Benchmark test you van see that you save 7 cents per transaction with Oracle RAC  on HP.

Would be interesting to know how much you would save with Oracle DB RAC on EXADATA. Benchmark results follow!


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