25 August 2011

20 Years of Open Source

It was August of 1991 when 20-year-old Linus Torvalds first created Linux with only the most modest of ambitions. “Just a hobby, won't be anything big and professional like GNU,” Torvalds wrote in what's become the kernel's famous introductory email. “It probably will never support anything other than AT-hard disks, as that's all I have.” It didn't take long for developers around the globe to become excited and get involved in the new operating system, however, and the rest--as they say--is history. Version 3.0 of the Linux kernel just recently made its debut, and companies around the world now rely heavily on the operating system.

Linux Then and Now: A closer look (Click for larger view. Credit: Linux Foundation)

And that Firefox is an excellent Browser is well know fact know. But Also the Chromium project of which Googles Chrome emerged is going strong and has some fantastic knew extensions:



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