09 July 2011

Sad Story!

Why doesn’t the economy grow with jobs and investments?
I studied Cognitive Psychology and majored as a Psycho-physiologist with two minor subjects computer science and Medical Sociology. I was called a Cognitive Psychologist and allowed to teach Psychology. It was a fun study, but learned at that time we were the so called lost generation. Unemployment was high and is a agin today. Prospects were low and are again today. We did fundamental research as to how a human processes information and how the brain works. Most of it is still a mystery and will probably remain for may ore years. But since the first Electro Magnetic Resonance scans, and EMG’s a lot was learned. 
I however was not lucky enough to get a job as a research assistant, and went to work for a very large cigaret manufactory who did sponsor formula 1 racing. These days they are know from the barcode. But instead of working in Psychology field were we did fun stuff with EEG signals and evoked potentials and P300 and N150 and P3a and P3b, I went into statistics, somewhat boring and somewhat fun.. 
We were using computers at the research department, the first one was a PDP8 computer from digital and a PDP 11:

A PDP 8 Computer.
A PDP 11 Computer.

A Dec MicroVAX 40.

It impressive at that time, a room with two large computers that also had tape drives. These computers where from the faculty, the University did own a mainframe from IBM and with Multivariate statistics class I managed to crash it with a few co-variant analysis models. To many models the machine could handle. Fun.
After the PDP computers were obsolete they bought a DEC VAC, with Open VMS. That was new and very state of art that time for a university. Nothing compared to cray hydrogen cooled computers, but never the less.
I managed to finish the study in the proper time with double the points needed in old style study (the longer time, these days they have 4 years and become Master, I became DRS.). 

My Candidate Bull:
My Doctoral Bull:

I learned my first Oracle Database skills on an Open VMS DEC 40 MicroVAX at my second employer. From there I used all kinds of platforms and computers, but after a jet lag no platform can be handled properly by me I learned. 
These days I have a lot more Oracle skills, but I learn I am treated in a strange way by a lot of people and jobs are still scares. I guess it is the shortage of jobs and the slow economy which makes people respond a a weird and strange way these days. I hope the economy starts rolling again and people start acting normal again. 


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