06 July 2011

Internet Explorer Preview 10 is here

Why Internet explorer will NEVER be Obsolete!

Since a couple of years there is the choice of browsers application on Windows 7 due to EU guidelines, which gives people the FREEDOM to choose their own Browser.

Since the release of IE 9, work continued on the Internet Explorer Browser and the Preview platform for IE10 is now available.

I am personally a fan of Open Source OS platforms and Microsoft Server 2008, Microsoft has nice new stuff like Silverlight and a Browser with a lot of HTML5 support and like IBM is also a sponsor for some open source projects like Silverlight on open source Linux (called Moonlight).

When you look at websites these days, a lot of Web 2.0 content can only run if your browser supports all the right techniques used in the website. When you use abode techniques like Flash and fals video there is no problem. When you use HTML5 techniques there are all kinds of claims from Browser vendors. But it is save to assume that all browser support HTML5, none is yet 100 percent compliant with HTML5, but IE9 and soon IE10 come closest, when you set all your filters and smart filters correct.

But to give a short and quick answer how to best browse the web? Use all the major Browsers (IE9, IE10 preview, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) they all are needed if you want to support all video formats and all HTML5 features! This is mainly because some video formats are only supported in Browser A and not in Browser B, etc. It is about time that a total 100 percent HTML5 support Browser is here, and like it or not IE10 comes closest to that goal at the moment. That despite the fact that i like Firefox. Here is a small chart of browser market shares sofar (source CNNMoney).

Here is a nice new video of what IE10 preview platform improves for you.

Internet Explorer 10 platform preview, can use web workers to achieve new scenarios and make web applications feel more responsive by offloading complex JavaScript algorithms to run in the background


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