22 June 2011

DBA Consulting requested to join the Novell Partner Program and was accepted!

DBA Consulting is offering Oracle based solutions for Novell Suse 10 and 11 Enterprise Server Edition.

Novell is one off the leading Linux operating systems!

It has great features and state of art security. If you want your data secure, it will be on Novell Suse Enterprise Linux server 10 and 11.

Novell is unique in its way in that it allows: everything to work as one!
Here is an example video explaining what is meant with that:

With Novell you can easily and securely use single sign on:

It uses cutting edge technology as you can see in the video for Brainshare 2010.

And here is how we make it work as one:

It does have a unique desktop environment called KDE which has nice Plasma features and XGL/Compiz techonology:

XGL/Compiz and Novell plasma desktop

And off course can Novell Linux be a lot of fun:

And that it is not just fun, but also a really GOOD product is proven by customer success stories:


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