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29 June 2011

Office 365 is her to stay!

Yesterday Office 365 was officially launched by Steve Ballmer himself. Learn how it can help you increase productivity at lower cost and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

DBA Consulting is offering Office 365 from now on for you. Learn how it can help you. See also earlier blog:

It is really a game changer, read more in the Official Press Release notes:

NEW YORK — June 28, 2011 — Today, at media events around the world, Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of Microsoft Office 365, the company’s newest cloud service. Office 365 is now available in 40 markets, and it brings together Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Lync Online in an always-up-to-date cloud service, at a predictable monthly subscription.
The service was introduced in beta last year with enthusiastic response and, in a few months, more than 200,000 organizations signed up and began testing it. Businesses using Office 365 are already reporting impressive results and reducing IT costs by up to an estimated 50 percent while boosting productivity.
Today, more than 20 service providers around the globe also shared plans to bring Office 365 to their customers this year. Bell Canada, Intuit Inc., NTT Communications Corp., Telefonica S.A., Telstra Corp. and Vodafone Group Plc, among others, will package and sell Office 365 with their own services for small and midsize businesses.
“Great collaboration is critical to business growth, and because it’s so important, we believe the best collaboration technology should be available to everyone,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “With a few clicks, Office 365 levels the playing field, giving small and midsize businesses powerful collaboration tools that have given big businesses an edge for years.”
A Game Changer for Businesses of All Sizes
Office 365 is available in a wide range of service plans designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, ranging from the largest to the smallest.
With Office 365, people can stay on the “same page” using instant messaging and virtual meetings with people who are just down the hall or across the world. They can work on files and documents at the same time and share ideas as easily as they can share calendars. Office 365 gives people new ways to work together with ease, on virtually any device.
Microsoft Office applications are at the heart of Office 365. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and other Office applications connect to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync to deliver a world-class solution for communication and collaboration.
“When I saw Office 365, I knew this was the way businesses would work in the future,” said Elia Wallen, owner of fast-growing temporary housing provider Travelers Haven. “With Office 365, I’m going to save $100,000 a year and cut 30 hours of work a day across my 35 employees, but most importantly, my team is going to be able to work together better — no matter where they are.”
More stories from businesses that have tried Office 365 are available at http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies.
Office 365 Partners
Microsoft is building a massive partner ecosystem around Office 365, including systems integrators, software vendors, resellers and other partners. Today, that ecosystem is expanding as the company partners in new ways with market-leading service providers. These companies will package Office 365 with their own services — from Web hosting and broadband to finance solutions and mobile services — and bring those new offerings to millions of small and midsize businesses globally.
“Our partners represent some of the best-known, most-trusted brands in their local markets,” said Kurt DelBene, president, Microsoft Office Division. “Our customers will be able to rest easy knowing their cloud services are backed by Microsoft and some of the greatest service providers in the world.”

22 June 2011

Why Oracle software on Oracle Hardware safes you TCO!!

With a standard Database 11g/R2 on Oracle hardware from Oracle Sun servers you save:  

20 percent on TCO!

With more complicated CRM/Financials systems you save:

40 to 80 percent on TCO!

Oracle on Oracle: 

More Secure,
More Optimized
More Stable.

On top of that it is easy to manage for you.

, and with Oracle Exadata you never had better performance and stability and security:

Contact DBA Consulting for more information and a detailed offering, renewing your servers now can safe you money!

DBA Consulting requested to join the Novell Partner Program and was accepted!

DBA Consulting is offering Oracle based solutions for Novell Suse 10 and 11 Enterprise Server Edition.

Novell is one off the leading Linux operating systems!

It has great features and state of art security. If you want your data secure, it will be on Novell Suse Enterprise Linux server 10 and 11.

Novell is unique in its way in that it allows: everything to work as one!
Here is an example video explaining what is meant with that:

With Novell you can easily and securely use single sign on:

It uses cutting edge technology as you can see in the video for Brainshare 2010.

And here is how we make it work as one:

It does have a unique desktop environment called KDE which has nice Plasma features and XGL/Compiz techonology:

XGL/Compiz and Novell plasma desktop

And off course can Novell Linux be a lot of fun:

And that it is not just fun, but also a really GOOD product is proven by customer success stories: