06 May 2011

My learning Progress for Oracle Partner Portal sofar!

Here is and overview of my learning progress so far!

My Doctoral Pschycology ( don't confuse with Doctorat Qualification).



  1. Super post! Just like your blog professionalism! Keep up the good work.

  2. hi your post is nice can you please elaborate more on Oracle.

    1. I will do that! I already blogged and continue to blog about Oracle in general but will start to focus on Oracle BI and other vendors BI solutions and on Database and RAC solutions from Oracle. I also will start comparing Oracle RAC with IBM DB2 10 PureScale (which is IBM's comparable solution to Oracle Real Application Clustering (RAC)).

    2. I already did elaborate on Oracle in some posts (see other posts), but I see what you mean. I will also blog more about technical detailed Oracle Database and BI related matters and OS related matters as far as they are relevant for Oracle and other vendors like IBM and Microsoft, where I blog about.

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