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24 April 2011

I am working a a book that will help you with the certification for Oracle BI EE 1Z0-526 and the new verison!

I am currently working on a book that will be published somewhere around the end of this year, which will help you pass the exam for the OBIEE 10g and 11g exams 1Z0-526 and 1Z0-(to be determined number). Unlike the book from Mark Ritmann which will cover a lot of OBIEE 11g and developing his book will have around fourteen chapters, here’s the outline chapter list:

Overview and Product Architecture
Installation and Upgrades from OBIEE 10g
Creating Repositories from Relational Sources
Creating Repositories from OLAP Sources
Creating Repositories from ADF, XML, In-Memory and Other Sources
Configuring and Maintaining the Oracle BI Server
Creating Analyses and Dashboards
Actionable Intelligence
Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management
Creating Published Reports
Systems Management
High-Availability and Clustering
Managing Change

, my book will prepare you for the exams and will be published by Packt Publishing.
The chapter overview of my book is as follows:

1 Oracle BI and EPM System Overview
2 OBI EE Architecture
3 Oracle BI Installation
4 BI EE User Interface Overview
5 Dashboards and Answers Development
6 Dimensional Modeling
7 Oracle BI Repository Overview
8 Build Basic Repository
9 Repository Testing and Deployment
10 Complex Repository Modeling
11 Building a Repository with Multiple Sources
12 Hierarchies and Level Based Measures
13 Using Variables
14 Using Non-Dimensional Data
15 Implementation Methodology and Best Practices
16 Oracle BI Security
17 Cache Management
18 Performance Tuning
19 MS Office Integration
20 Preface
21 Appendix

You will probably want to buy both books to get a good overview and insight of all the capabilities of OBIEE 11g, which is currently the top product in BI just in front of Microsoft BI product Insight, which is a very fine product in its own right as well, but for the best BI tools and all possible ways of Bursting of your reports, watch this video.

, and here is a small video about the launch last year august officially available:

Since we all love Windows 7 here is Windows 8!

A small overview of the pre-release of windows 8! I think it looks great again. I still say set the kill bits and get rid of all the hackers.

Here is the boot-up concept: