07 March 2011

Oracle 11g BI

Above you can find a video of the latest Oracle 11g BIEE. It is a new and enhanced release with a lot more functionality then you ever had before. A new features in the BI Publisher:

- A new layout Editor
- A New Data modeller
- Template Builder changes
- Essbase, Hyperion and GeoSpatial Integration
- Single Portal for EPM (financial) and BI (operational), with ability
   to use datasources of EPM for Bi and Datasources of BI for EPM.
- New report layout editor
- Cool tool ribbon design
- Drag and Drop for charts and tables.
- Instant Preview
- improved scorecards with the best features from Hyperion and Peoplesoft

Check out the video above and see for your self why Oracle 11g BI is a GOOD choice for you!



  1. Nice post. Thanks for explaining the new features that are incorporated in the latest Oracle 11g BI. Each point is promising and proves that this is an excellent choice. I will look at the video too to know more about it.
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