29 March 2011

Announcing availability of Office 365 in middle of 2011.

Office 365 will be generally available in the middle of the year 2011. Pricing will be just as low as you were used to and Lync Communicator will be the mostly pronounced new feature of the Suite.

Office 365 announcement:

Microsoft Lync formerly known as the Office Communications Server 14 will be the most pronounced new feature of the Office 365 Online Suite (formerly known as BPOS):

Office 365 for Education:

And what about Bill's thoughts on Google Apps as a competitor choice (with a lot less apps in the total Google Suite offering):

With Office 365 you will have a lot more possibilities for your online activities:

You can see in the picture below that you have a whole lot more for your money:

Here are some pricing information:

Please contact DBA Consulting for more information and some assistance with the trial of the Beta version of Office 365.

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  1. I already did elaborate on Office 365 in some posts (see other posts), but I see what you mean. I must say that I am really enjoying these things.