11 March 2011

Microsoft Online Services: SharePoint 2010

SharePoint is one of the most widely adopted collaboration and business productivity software services worldwide. Additionally, cloud-hosted environments top the list of technology trends that pique the interest of business decision makers.
With SharePoint and Cloud environments already having such a commanding presence in the business world, it just makes sense to combine forces into one great service that satisfies each: Cloud-hosted SharePoint from Microsoft Online Services.
SharePoint is available from Microsoft Online Services for 3.81€ per user per month as a standalone service or as a part of the BPOS Suite of Services for 7.26€ per user per month.
SharePoint Online is also available in the 20-seats free trial from the Microsoft Online Services Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.

What does SharePoint Online offer for business?
Many of the business productivity and collaboration services offered in SharePoint Server are also available from SharePoint Online. But aside from cost savings, the benefits that SharePoint Online brings to the table are unique for business. Some of the top improvements businesses will notice when switching to SharePoint Online include:

  • ·      Free upgrades to all future versions of SharePoint, with all upgrade versions automatically installed and deployed in the Microsoft cloud.
  • ·      Microsoft-hosted servers have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and are continuously monitored by Microsoft.
  • ·      Less expensive cost of migration than with traditional SharePoint data migration.

While SharePoint Online Standard does offer most of the services provided by SharePoint Server, some of the exceptions that SharePoint Online does not offer include Public Folders, which currently not allowed in the Cloud-hosted environment. To determine if SharePoint Online is a right fit for your organization, below are table comparing the different features offered by SharePoint Online vs. other SharePoint options.

Table 1: Microsoft Online Services Supported Software

Supported Version

Operating systems
Windows Vista® Business SP1
Windows Vista Enterprise SP1
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
Windows XP® Professional SP2
Windows XP Tablet SP2
Apple Macintosh OS X 10. 5
System software
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (for Windows XP)
Java client 1.4.2 (for Macintosh OS X)*

Client applications
Microsoft Online Services Sign In application

Browser software
Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6
Windows® Internet Explorer 7
Windows Internet Explorer 8
Mozilla Firefox 3 **
Apple Safari 3 (for Macintosh OS X 10.5)**

Table 2: SharePoint Online Key Features


250 megabytes (MB) per user account

Site storage quota
50 gigabytes (GB) per site collection
1 terabyte (TB) per company

Site collections
Up to 20 per company

2007 Microsoft Office system integration
Office Access 2007
Office Excel® 2007
Office InfoPath® 2007
Office Outlook® 2007
Office PowerPoint® 2007
Office SharePoint Designer 2007
Office Word 2007
Browser support
Internet Explorer 6
Internet Explorer 7
Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 3
Safari 3.1.2 on Macintosh OS X 10.5
Mobile device support
Nokia E series and N series devices
Apple iPhone 2.0

SharePoint 2010 Secure Collaboration Solution Overview

SharePoint 2010



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