01 March 2011

First steps in becoming Exadata Specialized

I passed the first and second  assessment after some training for Oracle Exadata Sales Specialist. It is an important start to start a successful and highly skilled Linux and Unix based Oracle Practice.  I hope there will be soon enough opportunities for me to start selling and implementing these machines. There are two options in machine choice X2-2 and X2-8. Exadata X2-2 is meant for Data Warehousing and OLTP, and Exadata X2-8 is a high end OLTP & Consolidation Machine.  Both are really state of the art server racks with infiniband technology. You can't get better and faster and more resilient at the moment for that money. Value for money is really an other key issue here. You sit on the first row with speed, performance, reliability and security with these ExaData machines.