16 February 2011

Oracle Secure Files a new option in Oracle Enterprise Database 11gR2

Oracle SecureFiles
Consolidated Secure Management of Data

  • SecureFiles is a new 11g feature designed to break the performance barrier keeping file data out of databases
  • Next-generation LOBs - faster, and with more capabilities
  • transparent deduplication, compression and encryption
  • leverage the security, reliability, and scalability of database
  • superset of LOB interfaces allows easy migration from LOBs

  • Enables consolidation of file data with associated relational data
  • single security model
  • single view of data
  • single management of data
  • scalable to any level using SMP scale-up, or grid scale-out

SecureFiles is a major rearchitecture of how the database handles unstructured (file) data
not an incremental improvement to LOBs

Entirely new:

  • disk format
  • network protocol
  • versioning and sharing mechanisms
  • caching and locking
  • redo and undo algorithms
  • space and memory management
  • cluster consistency algorithms

SecureFile Innovations

Write Gather Cache:
Cache above the storage layer buffers data up to 4MB during writes before flushing to disk
Allows for large contiguous space allocation for LOB data and reduced write latency. 
Intelligent Pre-fetching:
Improves read performance by pre-fetching LOB data from disk
Overlaps disk IO with network latency to improve throughput
New Space Management routine:
Automates new space allocation and “freed” space reclamation
Optimized chunk size reduces fragmentation
No more High Water Mark contention as with old LOBs
Deletion and Reuse of entire LOBs not just individual chunks.

Advanced Features - Compression

Huge storage savings
industry standard compression algorithms
2-3x compression for typical files (doc, pdf, xml)

minimal CPU overhead during compression
Automatically detects if SecureFile data is compressible
skips compression for already compressed data and when space savings are minimal or zero

Two levels of compression provide different compression ratios
compression Levels: MEDIUM (default), HIGH 
higher the degree of compression, higher the latency and CPU overhead incurred

SecureFiles Compression is independent of table or index compression

Server-side compression

allows for random reads and writes to SecureFile data
can be specified at a partition level

Part of the Advanced Compression Option

Advanced Features - Encryption
  • Extends Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) syntax to SecureFile data

  • old LOB or BasicFiles data can not be encrypted

  • Performed at Block level

  • Support for industry-standard encryption algorithms

  • 3DES168

  • AES128

  • AES192 (default)

  • AES256

  • Encrypt on a per-column basis 

  • Part of the Advanced Security Option

Secure files are ideal also for multi media datafiles in the Database:



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