22 November 2010

Windows4all has become SilveOS.com

The Windows4all project is now closed and has become the silveos.com. Another step in cloud computing. Here are some of the windows of silveos.com in action:

Here is an example shown of the opening page. It looks already very mature and sofar it works mature as well, with the latest IE9 Browser on the desktop.

Here is the IE9 browser in action. This means Computing power that is cheap accessible and secure for everyone. 

There is already a frequent asked question section on the silveos.com site available. DBA Consulting is as a registered partner in the process of becoming a Official Microsoft BPOS reseller, with all the cloud offerings at Microsoft value for money cheap deals. 

Soon you will here more about he Microsoft Cloud Offerings.

(DBA Consulting is working also on Cloud Offerings from competitive vendors like Oracle's Enterprise Clouds (elastic) and Google Apps Cloud Offerings. This will involve alternative or totally different Cloud Computing solutions)


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