05 November 2010

The Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network

The Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network’s web portal is located at http://linux.oracle.com.

Note: Before you can access the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network it's necessary to create an Oracle Single Signon account. Your existing My Oracle Support (MOS) Oracle Single Signon account will not work with the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network until the account has been registered with the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network. Click the Register link at the the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network portal to a) create a new Oracle Single Signon account or to b) associate your existing Oracle Single Signon account with the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network. 

Figure 1:  Highlights the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network web portal.

Figure2  shows an Oracle VM server being updated from the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network using the up2date program.

The second option is to update Oracle VM servers using a local yum repository. A local yum repository can be hosted on any Enterprise Linux system that has been registered with the Unbreakable Linux Network with internet access and Apache. Local yum repositories are populated and synchronized with RPMs that are hosted at the Unbreakable Linux Network using a script and a local cron job. The up2date program or the yum program can be used with a local yum repository.

Figure 3 shows an Oracle VM server being updated from a local yum repository.


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