03 January 2010

I did receive an invitation to renew and upgrade my Oracle Partner level to GOLD!

On December 14th I did receive the email to renew and upgrade my Oracle Partner Level to GOLD! This is an honor and an achievement of which I am proud. This means that I will have access to more resources and will be able to position myself better in the market. It also means that my plans to become Oracle Certified Master will have to speed up, so I can sell my skill set even better. For this my plan is to buy a Computer that will be dedicated Linux and Oracle Virtual Machine. That means that I will have to be able to work with Dom0 and DomU. Aint that a thing!

I look forward to a great Oracle Partner Business Practive for the Year 2010 and Wish all at Oracle and Offcourse all other IT people a Happy New Year for 2010 and a very good business result.


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