10 December 2009



Rapid adoption of SOA is resulting in extensive service enabling of IT systems. However, this is only half the story—the only way to achieve IT goals of lower costs, greater efficiency, and increased visibility is through rapidly assembling these services into modular and flexible business applications. Oracle SOA Suite 11gmakes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and manage SOA with complete, open, integrated, and best-in-class technology.
  • Simplified and Productive Development—A unified, easy-to-use set of tools enhance developer productivity, promote asset re-use, and foster business and IT developer collaboration
  • Extreme Performance and Scalability—Real-time event processing at extreme throughputs combine with the industry's most scalable Application Grid to provide performance and reliability
  • Unified Management and Monitoring—A unified infrastructure for events and services, and cross-application end-to-end instance tracking help provide integrated governance and security
  • Multi-Dimensional Business Process Management—Provides unified support for human-centric, system-centric, and document-centric processes, and dynamic process adaptation with integrated process intelligence

Oracle's SOA and BPM products are the foundation for Oracle Application Integration Architecture: Oracle’s solution for delivering rapid application integrations.


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